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Imagine never having another issue with your website…

A fresh outlook

Hi – I’m Jacko, I live in picturesque Hamilton City in New Zealand, I take photos and write music – but most of all I love to work with WordPress. I pride myself on reliable communication with my clients and I’m easy to work with, friendly guy.

You can get in touch for a chat about your business website anytime. I hope to talk with you soon.

Contact me anytime on (021) 482-441 or email

I love WordPress – it’s simple and works.

WordPress is a powerful website platform, it’s easy to use for my clients and features plenty of great expansion options and support. Converting to a WordPress website site is no problem, and of course updating your current WordPress site to a slick, high performance business tool is what I do best.

Here’s how I can help you

  • Basic maintenance of WordPress sites – updating software, checking links, and updating content.
  • WordPress conversions – upgrading any website to WordPress, hosting and domain names.
  • WordPress refresh and overhaul – Whip your site back into shape, fresh images, content and themes.
  • Website security and backups

I also specialise in website marketing, boosting traffic and social media engagement. If your website is not generating the business you’re expecting, I can help get it on the right track.

  • Social media integration and automated content creation.
  • Google and Facebook advertising strategies.
  • Converting visitors into customers.

A Bug Free Site

No broken links, missing images or outdated software.

Peace of Mind

Full security protection and weekly manual backups.

Better Performance

Streamline code and SEO for speed and Google rankings.

WordPress website maintenance – only $50 per month!  

If you have a WordPress website that just needs looking after, this is a great place to start. I perform weekly manual backups, check all the software is current and monitor security. Any major

WordPress social booster – from $195 per month

Want to harness the traffic a great social media presence can get?  From simple automated post sharing to full on online presence, let’s talk about the best way to get customers noticing your business.

Website creator – from $1200

Need something and have nothing?  No problem – let’s get rolling with your brand new website. From simple one-page landers to full magazine and eCommerce shops. I can supply high performance hosting and new domain names if you’re really fresh to the game.

Need fresh photos and video too?  No problem, we have a full photography studio with video and audio editing facilities on site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress anyway?

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) software platform used for creating websites. Originally designed as blogging software, WordPress is now fully developed as flexible fully featured web building tool.  WordPress is free, open-source software that requires a hosting service and domain name URL.

WordPress is ideal for small business due to the (relatively) easy backend and excellent development support.  Even a novice use can create content (posts), upload photos and links easily, plus the software is robust and difficult to break.

Can you create a website from scratch?

Yes, no problem. I work with WordPress which is perfect for most business applications. It has a simple backend for creating content plus is very well supported with the largest community of developers of all platforms. I can create anything from a simple landing page through to a large magazine or eCommerce site. I also offer competitive hosting and domain name rates.

I don't have time to learn WordPress, can you just make it work properly?

Of course, that’s what I specialise in. I can kick most WordPress based sites into shape fairly quickly, get it performing well and provide tuition for you on how to maintain it.  If you would rather I just managed everything for you, again no problem at all – I have a maintenance service for only $50 per month that covers pretty much everything you need to worry about.

My site is very old and needs an overhaul, can you do that?

Yes, absolutely. I work only with WordPress, so as long as thats ok with you I can convert your current site over and get it back on track. I have a fully feature media design studio where I can create custom content, photos, video and audio music as required. Even a simple website makeover with a great headshot photo and Facebook page will do amazing things for your website traffic.

I've heard it's important to have busy Facebook and Twitter pages?

Yes…and no. The first goal is to have a well designed website – it’s where visitors will convert into customers. Facebook is an excellent source of traffic, but comes at a cost, so its more important to maximise the likelihood of converting your precious traffic into customers. Dollar for dollar it is better to advertise with Google and technically ‘buy’ visitors, but Facebook and Twitter are better platforms for putting a human face to your business – it just takes a lot longer.

I can show you great strategies for converting Google, Facebook and Twitter viewers into new customers for your business. I won’t lie, this can be an expensive process, but using your budget to gain lifelong customers is better than ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

I don't understand all this Internet jargon!

Yes, I know it can easily get very geeky when you’re talking to a developer.  I promise I won’t overwhelm you with tech talk, I prefer to keep things understandable, but all the same here’s a small list of terms you should understand as we travel forward with your website:

  • Hosting.  A computer somewhere that stores your website software and contents. You usually pay a yearly fee around $100-$150 for this, though some hosting offers more expensive options.
  • Domain. Your website address. Also called a URL, this is the location on the web for your website. Usually starts with a ‘www’, but it’s not required. New Zealand website have ‘’ or variations of that, international sites usual have ‘.com’.  A domain will normally cost around $30-$50 per year.
  • WordPress. The software used to make your website. WordPress is free and open source (meaning anyone can create custom code for it), plus has excellent support and over 60million users.
  • Traffic. Other people using the Internet. The trick is finding the most relative Internet traffic for your business and then converting them into customers – the No.1 goal of your website.
  • Social media.  Places where people like to gather to share stories online, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social media posts have a notoriously shore lifespan, often only minutes long. The trick is getting people out of social media and onto your website, where you can convert them into customers.

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